Staple Lane (junction with A246)
Nr Guildford GU4 7RL


A full driver’s briefing will be e-mailed to entrants 7 days before the event.

  1. Acceptance of entries will be at the sole discretion of the organisers.
  2. Entry fees
    1. Accepted entries are non-refundable. The entrant acknowledges that this is a small event run on a voluntary basis in aid of local charities. The majority of the costs are incurred in advance, on a non-refundable basis so in the unlikely event that the Hill Climb has to be cancelled, the entry fee will be non-refundable.
    2. Once an entry is accepted, the car can only be changed with the agreement of the organisers. If you arrive on the day in a car you didn’t enter without prior approval, you will not be able to enter.
  3. Entry procedures
    1. Entrants should arrive between 07:30 and 08:30 on the day.
    2. A driver may enter more than one car, a car may have different drivers but no car may be entered more than once. The carrying of passengers is not restricted but must not exceed the vehicles legal passenger capacity.
  4. Running the hill
    1. All drivers must attend the driver briefing with the Clerk of the Course at 08:30, with a view to the event starting at 09:00.
    2. Runs up the hill will only be permitted if the run number is displayed and the driver’s wristband worn.
    3. While on the hill all drivers are under the control of Marshals. Drivers must not start until given a signal by the Marshal at the start line. If a Marshal shows a red flag then the driver must slow to walking pace and stop as quickly as possible where they are not obstructing the hill. Drivers may not re-start until given permission by a Marshal.
  5. The event is a demonstration run of classic vehicles.
  6. Although the road is closed to the public, it is subject to normal road traffic regulation. All vehicles must be road legal and drivers must hold a valid driving licence.
  7. Entrants must ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained in a road-worthy condition and are capable of tackling the hill.
  8. Drivers must drive in a responsible manner. Marshals are instructed to flag down drivers who in their opinion are travelling at an excessive speed or driving dangerously and those doing so will be excluded from the event. The speed limit on Staple Lane is 60 mph.
  9. Entrants vehicles must be fully insured and in the event of an accident the organisers will accept no liability or claims.
  10. Once over the finish line drivers must slow as quickly as possible, there will be pedestrians and vehicles on the road after the finish line.
  11. The Paddock
    1. Will be open from 07:30 to 18:00, vehicles are left in the paddock at the owners risk.
    2. The speed limit in the paddock is 5mph.
    3. Marshals will control the movement of vehicles in and out of the paddock to the start of the hill.
    4. Spectators are allowed into the paddock area so vehicles must be left in a safe condition.
    5. Dogs are not permitted unless on a short lead.

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